Preset User Data

OEM partition

OEM introduction

OEM partition image file, defaults to ext2 file system format, used to Pre-customized application.

Direct execution of package command can package the oem partition image and generate SDK/rockdev/oem.img


Choosing OEM directory

The default package directory of OEM partition is device/rockchip/rk3308/oem, and the package directory and oem partition file system type can be modified as follows.

Configuration file:device/rockchip/rk3308/

# Set oem partition type, including ext2 squashfs
export RK_OEM_FS_TYPE=ext2

#OEM config: /oem/dueros/aispeech-6mic-64bit/aispeech-2mic-64bit/aispeech-4mic-32bit/aispeech-2mic-32bit/aispeech-2mic-kongtiao-32bit/iflytekSDK/CaeDemo_VAD/smart_voice/alexa
export RK_OEM_DIR=oem

There are multiple choices of OEM directory, including:

  • oem : Only contains basic functions

  • dueros : Contains configurations related to Baidu Speech, chosen by default.

  • aispeech-6mic-64bit : Contains configurations related to aispeech, 64bit.

  • iflytekSDK : Contains configurations related to iflytek Speech.

  • alexa : Contains configurations related to AVS Speech Service.

Userdata partition

Userdata introduction

Userdata partition image file, defaults to ext2 file system format, is adopted to store runtime data, usually for both read and write.

Running command as bellow will package the userdata partition image and generate rockdev/userdata.img