Thank you for purchasing ROC-RK3308-CC AIoT open-source motherboard!

For those new to ROC-RK3308-CC, the Getting Started section provides a guide for everything you need to burn the firmware and get the board running.

Please read through Getting Started carefully and refer to FAQ firstly if there are any problems. If the problems are not solved yet, please read Serial Debug section to fetch the system log and contact us and improve this document together.

Product Specifications


Shipping List


Specific information is subject to official online store.

Optional Accessories

The shipping list above is a standard package of ROC-RK3308-CC. To use the ASR SDK of ROC-RK3308-CC and related firmware, our development kit needs to be purchased separately.

ROC-RK3308-CC automatic speech recognition development kit includes the following accessories:

  • A ROC-RK3308-CC core board

  • A Type-A to Type-C cable

  • A WiFi antenna

  • FPC cable

  • PDM Microphone array

Specific information is subject to official online store.

Moreover, the following preparations need to be made before use:

Power Supply:

  • ROC-RK3308-CC is powered by USB Type-C interface, it can be connected to a power adapter or PC host, working voltage 5V and working current more than 500mA.


ROC-RK3308-CC supports Fast Ethernet and 2.4G wireless. So that following needs to be prepared:

  • Fast ethernet cable and cable router

  • Wireless router

Burning Firmware

  • Connect the PC with USB Type-C cable to burn the firmware

Serial Debug

  • Serial port to USB adapter, support 1500000 bps

Default baud rate of debugging serial port is 1500000 bps. Make sure that it’s supported by your USB-to-serial adapter.