Reference Firmware

Firmware: ROC-RK3308-CC_Dueros


  • Support 6-MIC Array + 2-MIC for Sound recovery

  • Network Setup Assistant, you can configuring Wi-Fi over the SoftAP connection, by Long press the MODE button. It needs to install an APP in your cell phone

  • An official APP: duerhome_shell-debug.apk, or find in SDK/external/app/duerhome_shell-debug.apk

  • Awaken words: 小度小度

  • LED: acoustic source positioning

  • Supported skills: encyclopedia, music, weather, radio, news, novels, etc.

How to use

● Power on and boot the machine

● If the device hasn’t been configured for the network, it will enter the network configuring mode directly

● If network config is done and network is valid, voice will prompt “在联网请稍等”, After a while, it will prompt “联网成功”.

● To config network once again, long press Mode button to enter network config mode.

● Open APP:”小度之家 SDK”

● Login with Baidu account


● Bluetooth network config, or choose AP network config.


● Select “Authorization Code 授权”


● Select wifi ssid, fill in wifi passwords, click on the device for network config “DuerOS_xxx”


● Network config is done, click to log in


The source directory of DuerOS:


DuerOS package in Buildroot:


DuerOS related software configuration, compiled by script, will be packaged into oem partition:


DuerOS start entrance:


Building with DuerOS

● Edit device/rockchip/rk3308/BoardConfig.mk file, and modify OEM_PATH=oem into OEM_PATH=dueros, then save it and exit.

● Configure SDK environment variable with option firefly_rk3308_release

source buildroot/build/envsetup.sh

Select [1], and press enter. When it is successfully configured, it would be as follow:


● Configure Buildroot: BR2_PACKAGE_DUERCLIENTSDK=y

$ make menuconfig

Enter a menu-driven user interface, input / to show the search interface as below, input BR2_PACKAGE_DUERCLIENTSDK, and press enter to search it



Select [1], and press SPACE to select dueros_client_sdk


If there’s [ * ] in front, it means the specific item has been selected, and then, choose< Save > to save, choose < Exit > to exit, and run the following command to save the configuration:

make savedefconfig

If not, it can be reset by the one-key compiling scripts

● One-key compiling