Automatic speech recognition sdk


At present, ROC-RK3308-CC Linux SDK has supported with three Intelligent speech recognition sdk, which are AlexaDuerOS, iFlytek, and aispeech .


Accessories required for voice development:

  • ROC-RK3308-CC

  • 6-Mic PDM array

  • Speakers or headphones, currently only support AUX interface access


6-Mic PDM array

  • Mic: support 6-Mic record and 2-mic recovery

  • LED: 12 programmable RGB LED indicators, rich lights indication can be used to prompt network status, auditory localization, answering prompt, and error prompt, etc.

  • It integrates with five adc keys

The five adc keys include:VOL- and VOL+ used for increase or decreasing voice, MIC_MUTE used for prohibiting microphone voice recording, MODEused for switching device modes, and Play/Pauseused for controlling the playing or pause of the device.