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Buildroot is a framework for building embedded Linux systems on the Linux platform. The entire Buildroot is composed of Makefile(*.mk) scripts and Kconfig( configuration files. You can compile a complete Linux system software (including boot, kernel, rootfs, and various libraries and applications in rootfs) that can be directly programmed to run on the machine by configuring buildroot and modifying menuconfig, just like compiling the Linux kernel. .


Buildroot is one of the main OS supported by Firefly, please check the details:

Ubuntu 18.04

Ubuntu (Ubuntu) is a Debian-based Linux operating system based on desktop applications. It is said that its name comes from the word “ubuntu” in Zulu or Xhosa in southern Africa, which means “humanity”, “my It exists because everyone exists” is a traditional African value.


Ubuntu18.04 is one of the main OS supported by Firefly, please check the details:

Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu 20.04 brings many changes and noticeable improvements compared to its recent LTS predecessor, Ubuntu 18.04. Over time, Canonical’s future seems milder and brighter, adorned with better ornaments. For all Ubuntu lovers, we are sure you will love this new release, which you can find at the link below.


Ubuntu20.04 is one of the main OS supported by Firefly, please check the details:

Debian 10

The Debian Project, founded by Ian Murdock in 1993, is a truly free community project. Since then the project has grown into one of the largest and most influential open source projects. Thousands of volunteers from all over the world work together to create and maintain the Debian software. Debian is available in 70 languages ​​and supports many computer types, so it calls itself a general-purpose operating system.


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RTLinux (Real-Time Linux, also known as Real-Time Linux) is a real-time operating system in Linux.


Firefly’s support for RTLinux is mainly at the kernel layer, and you can mix and match freely (for example: RTLinux-Ubuntu, RTLinux-Debian).

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OpenHarmony is an open source project incubated and operated by the OpenAtom Foundation. The goal is to build a framework and platform for the operating system of intelligent terminal equipment based on an open source approach for the era of all scenarios, all connections, and all intelligence. The prosperity and development of the Internet of Everything industry.


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