7. SATA Adapter

AIO-3568J needs SATA Adapter module when using the SATA storage device. The SATA Adapter fits all series mainboards of Firefly with FPC SATA interface, can be connected to 2.5’’ or 3.5’’ SSD/HDD, and it uses FPC ribbon cable, with aluminum foil shielding, minimizes signal interference


7.1. Real figure

  • SATA Adapter front _images/TF-SATA-TRA_front.jpg

  • SATA Adapter back _images/TF-SATA-TRA_back.jpg

7.2. AIO-3568J connect to SATA storage device


Note: in order to prevent the situation from burning out, please turn off the power of the AIO-3568J first and then connect the SATA storage device