3. MaskRom mode

See startup mode for an introduction startup mode

MasRrom mode is the last line of defense against device being bricked. Forced entry MaskRom involved hardware operation, have certain risk, so only in the situation that deivce failed entering the Loader mode, you can try MaskRom mode.

Please read carefully and operate carefully!

The operation steps are as follows:

  1. Disconnect all power supplies.

  2. Connect device and host PC with Double male USB data cable.

  3. Use a metal tweezer to short and hold the two test points as shown in the following figure on iCore-3568JQ (as shown in the figure below).

  4. Connect the power.

  5. Wait a few seconds, stop shorting.

Short circuit the D0 and GND test points near EMMC _images/maskrom_test_points.png

At this point, the device should go into MaskRom mode.