1. Overview

Welcome to the Firefly Linux Guide. This guide is designed to facilitate secondary development based on the officially released Linux system and SDK.


This guide will be divided into the following parts for explanation, and users can skip and read according to their own needs.

  • “First Use”: If you are new to our products, please be sure to read the chapter “First Use” first, here we summarize the common needs of users.

  • “Ubuntu Manual”: Introduces the use of the officially released Ubuntu system, including the basic configuration of the system, network configuration and support status, etc. Currently, it mainly maintains versions 18.04 and 20.04.

  • “The Debian Manual”: Describes the differences between the Debian system and the Ubuntu system.

  • “RTLinux Manual”: Introduces the support status and performance indicators of the RTLinux kernel.

  • “Buildroot Manual”: Introduces the use, configuration and development of the Buildroot system.

  • “Yocto Project Manual”: Introduce how the Yocto Project compiles and deploys the system on the Firefly platform.

  • “More Linux”: Introduction to systems that do not focus on maintenance, such as OpenHarmony, Manjaro, etc.

This guide is biased towards practical application, please prepare your Firefly device and feel the beauty of Firefly Linux development.

2. Revision history

  • V1.1.2

    • Update time: 2022-09-22

    • update content:

      • Ubuntu and Buildroot manuals add and improve network configuration, update QT toolchain

      • Adjust Ubuntu manual to separate page

      • Add ROS, Yocto Project manual

      • Update OpenWrt, RTLinux, OpenHarmony manual

  • V1.1.1

    • Update time: 2022-06-14

    • update content:

      • Update Linux SDK introduction

      • Add Kernel GPIO configuration and usage

      • Add Qt Creator, RKNN Toolkit Lite, OpenCV, ssd boot demo, update Docker demo

      • Ubuntu manual add Qt 5.15 cross-compilation introduction and MiPI camera introduction, update linux-headers installation

      • Add Manjaro, Debian development manual

  • V1.1.0

    • Update time: 2022-04-01

    • update content:

      • Architecture adjustment

      • Content updates and corrections

  • V1.0.0

    • Update time: 2021-12-11

    • update content:

      • Initial release