3. Power adapter

3.1. Product parameter

  • Product parameter:Power Adapter

  • Model:HHT108A-120700

  • Input:AC100-240V1.8A 50/60Hz

  • Output:DC12V-7A

Note: ITX-3588J normal operation of the fusioncube requires 12V/7A power supply. If the current is lower than 7A, abnormal restart may occur. To ensure normal operation of the development board, please use a power supply with 12V and 7A current.

3.2. Picture


3.3. Other power adapter

ITX-3588J in addition to using the 12V power adapter, you can also choose ATX power port or POE(maximum output power 60W) power source input, interface diagram:

_images/module_power_atx_adapter.jpg _images/module_power_poe_adapter.jpg