1.1. Selection of power adapter

At present, the official power supply for ITX-3588J is 12V/7A. If it is a self adapted power supply, it cannot be lower than 12V/7A/80W under full load, otherwise there may be insufficient power supply.

1.2. About the Use of DIP Switches

DIP switch position:


  • When the DIP switch is ON, the power up and down of the device depends on the insertion and removal of the power adapter.

  • When the dial switch is OFF, the power-on of the equipment can be realized only after the power adapter is connected and the external Power button is pressed.

  • The DIP switch defaults to the ON state.

1.3. Customized base plate faq

There are many uncertain issues with self-made base plates. When there is a problem of not being able to boot the machine, the following troubleshooting can be carried out

  • Whether the power supply of the core board is normal;

  • Tailor the functions in the device tree based on the actual hardware usage (such as PCIe, PCA9555, etc.);

  • Reference comparison rk3588-firefly-itx-3588j_custom_demo.dtsi is cropped (only enable eth0, eth1, and hdmi0);