Temperature measurement module

Face X2(Face-rk3399) configurable optional infrared thermal imager temperature measurement module,as below.


Temperature measurement module contact to Face X2 by uart node /dev/ttyS2, bardrate 19200

(If the customer purchases the Face-rk3399 single board, other serial port nodes can be selected according to the actual situation)

The temperature display function has been adapted in the factory face recognition APK, users only need to click Settings -> Gate Settings -> Temperature to turn on this function.

Infrared temperature measurement module applicable scenarios and requirements:

Temperature measurement distance: 30-50CM

Temperature measurement range: 23-48 degrees

room temperature ambient temperature: 20-35 degrees (medical environment), because the surface temperature of the human body is no longer a line below 15 degrees room temperature The relationship, no matter how it is compensated, is also inaccurate.