Camera Module

OV13850 Camera Moudle(Out of production)

Product Parameter

  • Brand:Omnivision

  • Model:CMK-OV13850

  • Interface:MIPI

  • Pixels:1320W

Firmware follow

CMK-OV13850 camera module is supported by default in public firmware.




Connection Method




CAM-8MS1M Monocular camera

Product Parameter

  • Brand:SV

  • ISP:XC7160

  • Sensor: SC8238

  • Interface: MIPI

  • Pixels: 800W(Currently only supports up to 1080P, 4K is still being adapted)

Reference firmware

Public Fimware support CAM-8MS1M camera module by default. If it doesn’t work, please update the latest firmware.

Android 9.0 Download link

Physical map

_images/cam_8ms1m_front.jpg _images/cam_8ms1m_back.jpg

Connection method


Real pictures


SV-TAYSH-TQ Camera module

Product parameters

  • Model:XC7022(RGB)/XC6130(IR)

  • Interface :MIPI

  • Pixel :200W



        xc7160b: xc7160b@1b {
+                status = "disabled";

        xc7160f: xc7160f@1b {
+                status = "disabled";

        XC7022b: XC7022b@1b{
+                status = "okay";

        XC6130b: XC6130b@23{
+                status = "okay";

Modify the above patch and complie kernel, then reboot after upgrading boot.img.

Physical map


Connection method


Real pictures