Infrared remote control configuration

The infrared transceiver sensor IR (between the headphone interface and recovery) is used to realize the remote control function on the AIO-3399ProC development board, and the infrared receiver is connected to the IR interface. This paper mainly describes how to configure infrared remote control on the development board.

The configuration steps can be divided into two parts:

  • modify the kernel driver: kernel space changes, Linux and Android will modify this part of the content.

  • modify key-value mapping: user-space changes (Android system only).

Kernel driver

In the Linux kernel, the IR driver only supports NEC encoding format. Here’s how to configure the infrared remote control in the kernel.

The documents involved:


How to get user code and IR key

Get the user code and key values from remotectl_do_something:

    //ddata->scanData <<= 1;
    //ddata->count ++;
    if ((RK_PWM_TIME_BIT1_MIN < ddata->period) && (ddata->period < RK_PWM_TIME_BIT1_MAX)){
        ddata->scanData |= (0x01<<ddata->count);
    ddata->count ++;
    if (ddata->count == 0x10){//16 bit user code
        DBG_CODE("GET USERCODE=0x%x\n",((ddata->scanData) & 0xffff));
        if (remotectl_keybdNum_lookup(ddata)){
            ddata->state = RMC_GETDATA;
            ddata->scanData = 0;
            ddata->count = 0;
        }else{                //user code error
            ddata->state = RMC_PRELOAD;

Note : users can print the user code using the DBG_CODE() function.

DBG_CODE printing can be enabled by using the following command:

echo 1 > /sys/module/rockchip_pwm_remotectl/parameters/code_print

Compile IR driver into kernel

The steps to compile IR driver into the kernel are as follows:

(1). add the following configuration to the configuration file drivers/input/remotectl/Kconfig:

    bool "rkxx remoctrl pwm0 capture"
default n

(2). modify the Makefile under drivers/input/remotectl and add the following compilation options:

obj-$(RK_REMOTECTL_PWM)      += rk_pwm_remotectl.o

(3). make menuconfig is used in kernel path to select IR driver as follows:

Device Drivers
  --->Input device support
  ----->  [*]   rkxx remotectl
  ------->[*]   rkxx remoctrl pwm0 capture.

After saving, execute the make command to weave the driver into the kernel.

Android key-value mapping

File /system/usr/keylayout/ff420030_pwm.kl is used to map the Linux layer to get the key value to Android on the corresponding key values. Users can add or modify the contents of the file to implement different key-value mappings.

The contents of the file are as follows:

key 28    ENTER
key 116   POWER             WAKE
key 158   BACK
key 139   MENU
key 217   SEARCH
key 232   DPAD_CENTER
key 108   DPAD_DOWN
key 103   DPAD_UP
key 102   HOME
key 105   DPAD_LEFT
key 106   DPAD_RIGHT
key 115   VOLUME_UP
key 114   VOLUME_DOWN
key 143   NOTIFICATION      WAKE
key 113   VOLUME_MUTE
key 64    TV_MEDIA_PLAY
key 65    TV_MEDIA_PAUSE
key 66    TV_MEDIA_STOP

Note : files modified through ADB take effect after restart.

IR use

The diagram below, it is through the waveform generated by the infrared remote Control button, mainly consists of four parts: head, Control, information, signed free, specific can consult RC6 Protocol.