Download compilation instructions: At present, the Android7.1 version does not do major maintenance. Please compile and select the Android7.1 industry version(Main maintenance). This version is more widely used in the fields of industry and tablets and boxes. It has a stable performance and has been verified by mass production. This version As the main maintenance version of our company, it is applicable to all models of our RK3399 system.

Compile Android7.1 firmwareΒΆ

The Android SDK source package is relatively large, and the Android7.1 source package can be obtained as follows:Android7.1 SDK

After downloading, verify the MD5 code:

$ md5sum /path/to/Firefly-RK3399_Android7.1.2_git_20180126.7z

699cff05bfa39a341e7aae3857cea4a7  Firefly-RK3399_Android7.1.2_git_20180126.7z

After confirming that it is correct, you can unzip:

mkdir -p ~/proj/Firefly-RK3399
cd ~/proj/Firefly-RK3399
7z x /path/to/Firefly-RK3399_Android7.1.2_git_20180126.7z -r -o ./
git reset --hard
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#1.Enter root dir
cd ~/proj/Firefly-RK3399

#2. pull bundle.git first
git clone .bundle

# 3.If clone fail, get bundle package from [Android7.1 SDK]
# The decompression instructions are as follows:

7z x rk3399-nougat-bundle-20190612.7z -r -o. && mv rk3399-nougat-bundle/ .bundle/

# 4.Update the SDK, and subsequent updates do not need to pull the remote warehouse again, just execute the following command


# 5.Follow the prompts to update the content to FETCH_HEAD, synchronize FETCH_HEAD to the firefly branch
git rebase FETCH_HEAD