How to adjust the HDMI output resolution?

Firefly-RK3399 HDMI can automatically identify the display resolution. If you can not read the monitor’s EDID (Extended Display Identification Data, extended display identification data), HDMI will default to 1080P resolution. You can also enter the system settings to adjust the HDMI resolution manually.


Boot the exception and circulation to restart?

It probably not enough supply current, please use the power adapter of 12V voltage, current is 2.5A ~ 3A.

What is Ubuntu’s default username and password?

  • Username: firefly

  • Password: firefly

  • Switch superuser: sudo -s

Where is RK3399 datasheet?

Brief Part1 Part2

How to burn the MAC address?

You can change MAC address of the Firefly-RK3399 by yourself, and you can modify MAC address by the tool – WNpctool before Connect Device.

Ubuntu system, if there is no sound after plugging in the headphones, what should I do?

Menu -> Multimedia -> PulseAudio Volume Control -> Configuration -> Select a working sound card and turn off another sound card.

How to catch log from the board?

Settings -> About phone -> click 5 times Build number -> Developer options -> Enable logging to save. After opening the function, the system storage root directory will generate .LOGSAVE folder, which includes system logcat and kernel kmsg.