Screen Module

7.85-Inches EDP Display Module

Product Parameter

  • Model: LP079QX1

  • Size: 7.85-inches

  • Resolution: 2048x1563

  • Interface: EDP

  • Panel Type: IPS

  • Viewing Angle: 160°

  • Touch Screen: Capacitive multi-touch

Firmware follow

The name of official firmware to support the EDP7.85 Display Module with the words “EDP785”, the firmware link as followː [1]

Compilation command

Using official SDK to compile firmware that support 7.85 inch screen firmware need the following command:

  • Android 6.0

 ./FFTools/ -j8 -d rk3399-firefly-edp
  • Android 7.1

 ./FFTools/ -j8 -d rk3399-firefly-edp -l rk3399_firefly_edp_box-userdebug
 ./FFTools/mkupdate/ -l rk3399_firefly_edp_box-userdebug



Connection Method