5. Upgrade the firmware via SD card

5.1. Introduction

This article mainly introduced how to upgrade the firmware on the host to the SD card, which needs to be selected according to the host operating system.

5.2. Preparatory Tools

  • ROC-RK3566-PC

  • firmware

  • host computer

  • USB Card Reader

  • MIrcoSD card

  • SD_Firmware_Tool

5.3. Operation Steps

  • Insert microSD card into USB card reader and then into USB port of host computer

  • Run SD_Firmware_Tool, check the “Upgrade Firmware” box and select the correct removable disk device

  • Choose firmware we want to upgrade into the ROC-RK3566-PC

  • Click button Create to make it and wait until it is finshed


  • Remove the microSD card, insert it into the microSD card slot of the motherboard, power on the board, it will start upgrading automatically

  • After the upgrade, remove the microSD card and restart the motherboard automatically to complete the whole process of firmware update