product description

Six-core 64-bit high-performance core board

Core-3399-JD4 core board uses Rockchip high-performance six-core 64-bit processor RK3399, onboard AI neural network processor NPU SPR5801S, high computing power, ultra-high performance, powerful hardware decoding capabilities and rich expansion interfaces, It can be flexibly applied to industries such as cluster server, computer vision, and integrated commercial display equipment.

Note: NPU SPR5801S is used for versions above V2.2, SPR2801S for versions below V2.2 _images/core-3399-jd4_2_2up.png

Note: NPU SPR2801S is used for versions below V2.2 _images/core-3399-jd4_2_2down.png


Product parameters


The standard package of AIO-3399JD4 includes the following accessories:

  • CORE-3399-JD4 core board

  • 1MB-JD4-3399&3399PRO One base plate

  • Copper tube antenna×1

  • One 12V-2A power adapter

  • One male to male USB cable

Other optional accessories are:

  • Firefly serial port module

In addition, during use, you may need the following accessories:

  • display screen

    • Display or TV with HDMI interface, and HDMI cable

  • The internet

    • 100M/1000M Ethernet cable, and wired router

    • WiFi router

  • input device

    • USB wireless/wired mouse/keyboard

    • Infrared remote control (need to connect an infrared receiver)

  • Upgrade firmware, debug

    • Double male USB data cable

    • Serial to USB adapter

  • Shipping list reference