5. More technical cases show

5.1. SIP service construction

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) was developed to help provide advanced telephone services across the Internet. Internet telephony (IP telephony) is evolving to a formal business telephony model, and SIP is an important member of the NGN (Next Generation Network) series of protocols required to ensure the realization of this evolution. Support H.264 protocol.

5.2. Export device system

When the user has completed the deployment of the work environment on one device, the current environment needs to be completely exported for batch deployment to other devices on the same platform.Users can also backup the current development environment by exporting the device file system.

5.3. OpenCV read mipi camera

Many customers encounter problems with OpenCV, and they mostly focus on how to obtain the data of the mipi camera. Because the V4l2 protocol used by OpenCV is different from the mipi camera driver protocol written by Rockchip, the camera API of OpenCV cannot be used directly. This section describes how to compile Opencv and add GStreamer API support.

5.4. rknn_toolkit_lite

RKNN Toolkit Lite is a stripped-down version of RKNN Toolkit that provides users with a development kit for model inference on PC, RK3399Pro, RK1808, RK1806, V1109, RV1126. Users can easily and quickly complete the development and deployment of AI applications through the Python interface provided by the SDK. Compared with the complicated and time-consuming installation process of RKNN Toolkit, the installation process of RKNN Toolkit Lite takes less than ten minutes.Please read the “3399pro NPU Development Manual” carefully for installation.