OTA Compilation

Firefly full OTA compilation and upgrade

Add the -o parameter for OTA full compilation

./FFTools/make.sh -d roc-rk3588s-pc -j8 -l roc_rk3588s_pc-userdebug -o

Generate the full package path


Generate the base material package path


Copy the base material package and rename it, mainly for subcontracting upgrades.

cp out/target/product/roc_rk3588s_pc/obj/PACKAGING/target_files_intermediates/roc_rk3588s_pc-target_files-eng.xxx.zip ~/ota/v1.zip 

Package compiled firmware and upgrades

./FFTools/mkupdate/mkupdate.sh -l roc_rk3588s_pc-userdebug

In the rockdev/Image-roc_rk3588s_pc/ directory, find the corresponding firmware and burn it to the machine, then the machine can carry out the full package upgrade and the difference package upgrade,put ‘update.zip’ into /sdcard/ and restart the full package as prompted.

Generate the incremental OTA package

Generate a new base material package

The v1.zip basic material package has been made, and another v2.zip material package needs to be made to generate the difference package. You need to modify the kernel DTS code or Android code, and then run the command again.

./FFTools/make.sh -d roc-rk3588s-pc -j8 -l roc_rk3588s_pc-userdebug -o

Regenerate a new base material package that we can copy.

 cp out/target/product/roc_rk3588s_pc/obj/PACKAGING/target_files_intermediates/roc_rk3588s_pc-target_files-eng.xxx.zip  ~/ota/v2.zip

Generate the incremental OTA package command

out/host/linux-x86/bin/ota_from_target_files --block -v -i ~/ota/v1.zip -p out/host/linux-x86/ -k build/target/product/security/testkey ~/ota/v2.zip update.zip

Upgrade OTA incremental OTA package

Put update.zip to the machine sdcard directory reboot, it will automatically recognize, and then click the steps to complete the upgrade.

OTA server setup

Refer to OTA Documentation to setup the sever.