1. FAQ

1.1. Boot fails and restarts repeatedly?

It is probably due to not enough supply current. Please use a power adapter supporting 12V voltage and 2A current.

1.2. Where is the PX30 chip technical manual?

PX30 chip technical manual link: Baidu cloud (extract code: ry3r)

1.3. How to burn the MAC address?

You can change MAC address of the AIO-PX30-JD4 by yourself, and you can modify MAC address by the tool – WNpctool before Connect Device.

1.4. Ubuntu system, if there is no sound after plugging in the headphones, what should I do?

Menu -> Multimedia -> PulseAudio Volume Control -> Configuration -> Select a working sound card and turn off another sound card.

1.5. How to capture a log from the board in Android?

Settings -> System -> About tablet -> click 5 times Build number -> go back to the previous level Developer options -> Enable logging to save. After opening the function, the system storage root directory will generate .LOGSAVE folder, which includes system logcat and kernel kmsg.