Interface definition

Interface definition of the whole machine

AIO-1808-JD4 provides rich interfaces, including :

  • Power interface,

  • 1 x USB3.0(host/device), 6 x USB2.0 (interface 1, seat 5),

  • Ethernet,

  • double an LVDS interface screen,

  • TP touch interface,

  • screen voltage jump line interface,

  • backlight interface,

  • WIFI antenna,

  • bluetooth antenna,

  • power button,

  • MIC interface,

  • 3.5 mm headphone jack,

  • 12 v power supply interface,

  • TF card slot, SIM card slot,

  • interface extension buttons,

  • speaker interface,

  • recovery button,

  • debugging serial port,

  • industrial serial port (RS485,RS232,2TTL),

  • RTC power interface,

  • MIPI screen interface (dual LVDS multiplex),

The details are as follows:


in addition, customers can also customize the boards of relevant functional interfaces as required, as shown in the figure below:


Special interface

Software&Hardware: Not support LINE_IN/LINE_OUT, USB_HOST2, Only support SPEAKER One channel (Baseboard JD4-v1.0)