MaskRom mode

For information on boot mode, please refer to Chapter [Boot Mode]

MaskRom is the last line of defense before your device becomes bricked. Forcible access to MaskRom involves hardware operations with certain risks, so please try the MaskRom mode only if your device cannot enter the Loader mode.

Please read carefully and be cautious! Please follow the steps indicated below:

  1. Disconnect all power supply to the device.

  2. Unplug the SD card.

  3. Connect the device and the host with a USB Tyoe-C cable

  4. Use metal tweezers to connect the two test points on the core board (as indicated on the following image) and hold still.


  1. Plug in the device.

  2. Remove the tweezers in a minute.

Then the device will enter MaskRom mode.