1. Introduction

1.1. Product Specifications


1.2. Shipping list reference


For specific information, please refer to the official website mall.

1.3. Optional accessories

The above delivery list is the standard package of ROC-RK3308B-CC-PLUS. If you want to use the voice development function and related firmware of ROC-RK3308B-CC-PLUS, you need to purchase our smart voice development kit separately.

Standard kit for ROC-RK3308B-CC-PLUS, including the following accessories:

  • One ROC-RK3308B-CC-PLUS development board

  • One Type-A to Type-C cable

  • One WiFi antenna

For specific information, please refer to the official website mall.

In addition, during use, you may need to do the following preparations:

power supply:

  • The ROC-RK3308B-CC-PLUS is powered by the USB Type-C interface, which can be connected to a power adapter or a PC host for power supply. The working voltage is 5V and the working current is more than 500mA.


ROC-RK3308B-CC-PLUS supports the use of Dual Ethernet and 2.4G WiFi, the use needs to prepare:

  • 100M Ethernet cable, and wired router

  • WiFi router

Upgrade firmware

  • Connect the host via USB Type-C, and burn the firmware


  • Serial to USB adapter, support baud rate: 1500000

The default baud rate of the debugging serial port is 1500000. Be sure to pay attention to whether the USB to serial port tool you are using supports it.

1.4. other

  • Debug serial port: UART4 is used

  • Bluetooth: not supported

  • Ethernet: eth0 and eth1 network cards exist

  • Headphone holder: Hardware version V1.0 is not connected to HP_MIC

For the problems encountered during the use of the development board, you can post in the open source community .