This document mainly introduces the development method based on AIO-3399Pro-JD4 platform.

OS version

OS name Kernel version Support Maintenance
Linux 4.4 Main maintenance
Linux 4.19 Maintenance
Android7.1 × ×
Android7.1 industry × ×
Android8.1 ×
Android9.0 Main maintenance
Android10.0 × ×

Current version of the document

Current version
File name AIO-3399Pro-JD4 Development Manual
Version number V2.0.6
Author Firefly Team
Modified date 2022-03-10

Revision record

  • V2.0.6

    • Update time:2022-03-10

    • Update content:

      • “Introduction to updating firmware” has been revised, and icons have been added to facilitate users to read.

        • Add a comparison chart of different working modes.

        • Added comparison table between different upgrade modes.

        • Re-introduction to “MaskRom Upgrade Mode”.

        • Explain the usage scenarios of different upgrade modes, etc.

      • Add “Export device system” to “More technical cases show”.

      • Fix some download links.

  • V2.0.5

    • Update time:2022-02-01

    • Update content:

      • Supplementary explanation for “Driver”.

      • Supplement some pictures.

      • Update section download link.

      • Faq: Added HDMI 4K solution.

      • Added “Ubuntu firmware changelog”.

      • Linux supports kernel-4.19 version.

  • V2.0.4

  • V2.0.3

    • Update time: 2021-11-9

    • Update content:

      • Added “Preface”, which mainly describes product Wiki revision records and OS version.

  • V2.0.2

  • V2.0.1

    • Update time: 2021-10-29

    • Android update content:

      • Driver -> LCD : Toshiba TC358775XBG support is added.

      • Fix some download links.