Firefly-RK3399/Peripherals Screen̠Module

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7.85-Inches EDP Display Module

Product Parameter

Model: LP079QX1
Size: 7.85-inches
Resolution: 2048x1563
Interface: EDP
Panel Type: IPS
Viewing Angle: 160°
Touch Screen: Capacitive multi-touch

Firmware follow

The name of official firmware to support the EDP7.85 Display Module with the words "EDP785", the firmware link as followː

Compilation command

Using official SDK to compile firmware that support 7.85 inch screen firmware need the following command:

  • Android 6.0
  ./FFTools/ -j8 -d rk3399-firefly-edp
  • Android 7.1
  ./FFTools/ -j8 -d rk3399-firefly-edp -l rk3399_firefly_edp_box-userdebug
  ./FFTools/mkupdate/ -l rk3399_firefly_edp_box-userdebug


Datasheet and schematic of 7.85 inch edp lcd module


EDP785主图 en.jpg

Connection Method

EDP785 connect en.jpg