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This paper describes the different hardware versions of Firefly-RK3288 and their differences.

Hardware Version 2014.08.09

Hardware Version 2014.08.09 is the first sample machine, determined in August 9, 2014. This version comes from the Firefly team's initial idea. These machines produced a total of 50, and they are fully functional, stable.

Hardware Version

Hardware Version 2014.09.30 on the basis of sample machine, combines all areas of user suggestions and feedback, after research and analysis, and ultimately determine the hardware version on June 23, 2016. This version change VGA_IN to dual LVDS output, and add the USB expansion port, MIPI camera interface, and cooling fan connector, etc. the following pictures marked change machine modules of Hardware Version.
Note:[hardware version 2016.06.23] system firmware and [hardware version 2014.09.30] is fully compatible.
1.【Hardware Version 2016.06.23】

2.【Hardware Version 2014.09.30】