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The standard set of Firefly-RK3288 includes the following accessories:

  • Firefly-RK3288 board (1pcs)
  • USB power cord (1pcs)
  • WiFi antenna

Firefly-RK3288-Reload 的标准套装包含以下配件:

  • Firefly-RK3288-Reload 底板一块
  • Firefly-RK3288-Reload 核心板一块
  • 12V/2.5A直流电源适配器
  • WiFi 天线

The optional accessories are:

  • Acrylic rack (to protect board)
  • 5V/2A DC USB power adapter (support 220V/100V input)

Additionally, the following accessories or devices are needed:

  • Display device
    • Display or TV supporting VGA interface, and VGA cable
    • Display or TV supporting HDMI interface, and HDMI cable
  • Network
    • 100M/1000M ethernet cable, and corresponding router
    • WiFi router
  • Input devices
    • USB wire/wireless mouse/keyboard
    • Infrared remote control
  • Flash image, debugging
    • Micro USB cable
    • USB to serial adapter


After confirming all the connections are OK, plug the power adapter into the socket to power up the board. The board will boot automatically at the first power on.

Select "Shutdown" in Android system, keeping the board's power. Then we can boot Firefly-RK3288 by two ways:

  1. Long press power button for more than 3 seconds
  2. Press "power" button on the infrared remote control

During booting, the blue LED will light up, and four cute penguins will be shown on display, which indicates the quad-core CPU.


Switch between Android and Ubuntu

Firefly-RK3288 development boards are preloaded with dual system image by default. We'll show you how to switch between Android and Ubuntu system.

Switch to Ubuntu from Android

In Android system, click the shutdown icon on the status bar, which will pop up a shutdown dialog. If your board is flashed with dual system image, an item of "Switch System" will show up. Click it and you'll be brought into Ubuntu system. Rk3288 android2ubuntu.jpg

Switch to Android from Ubuntu

On Ubuntu desktop, there is an Android icon named "Boot Android". Click it, then press "OK" button to confirm, and you'll be back to Android system.

Rk3288 ubuntu2android.jpg

How to Switch Microphones

In Firefly-RK3288, there are two sources of audio input. One is the little microphone on board, the other is the microphone in your headset. Android switches between them automatically by default, with headset microphone taking precedence. You can manually select it by go to "Setting"->"Sound"->"ES8323 Microphone Manager".

Rk3288 mic switch.jpg

About VGA Auto Probe

Firefly-RK3288 can identify the configuration of the VGA display. However, if failing to read EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) from the display, it will use 1080P resolution by default. In any case, you can adjust the display mode manually in the system setting.

Rk3288 vga resolution switch.jpg


图 其中HDMI1为RGB信号转HDMI,为主显示设备。HDMI2为RK3288芯片内置HDMI,为从显示设备。HDMI1默认输出分辨率为1080P,不会读取外设的EDID信息。HDMI2可以读取外设的EDID信息,自动选择匹配的输出分辨率。在Android系统下,各HDMI输出分辨率可以在系统设置中手动调整。

Abnormal boot and reboot cycle

It probably not enough supply current, please use the voltage of 5V, current is 2.5A ~ 3A power.

username and password of lubuntu

Username: root Password: firefly
Username: firefly Password: firefly

Wiki link address

Git link address

Select SDK of the default version and PAD version

Default SDK allows the Firefly-RK3288 to use as a TV box.
PAD SDK is a PAD feature can be used to debug the screen , TP, support horizontal and vertical screen display.

RK3288 芯片技术手册


Bluetooth voice calls and VoIP

Firefly-RK3288 does not support Bluetooth voice calls or VoIP.

MAC address programming

You can change MAC address of the Firefly-RK3288 by yourself, and you can program MAC address by UpgradeDllTool, which in SDK RKTools/UpgradeDllTool_Release_v1.3.tar.gz

About the fan

The fan of Firefly-RK3288 operating voltage is 5V, the black power line of fan connect to FAN- of Firefly-RK3288, and the red power line of fan connect to FAN+ of Firefly-RK3288. the FAN- and FAN+ directly connected with the Firefly-RK3288's power supply module,so the fan can not be controlled by software. Fan.jpg