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Tools Required

  • Firmware boot ubuntu form sdcard
  • SD_Firmware_Tool._v1.45
  • TF Card (4GB and more space, Class10)
  • TF Card Reader
  • Windows PC


  1. Download the firmware boot ubuntu from SD card from:Baidu drive or Google drive
  2. Connect a card reader with Windows PC, with a 4 GiB or above TF card inserted.
  3. Run the SD Card Firmware Tool, namely "SD_Firmware_Tool_v1.45", and follow the steps below:
    1. Choose the right removable disk.
    2. Select the "SD Boot" checkbox.
    3. Browse firmware file by clicking "Firmware" button.
    4. Click "Create" button to start writing.
  4. After completion, eject the TF card and insert it into the Firefly-RK3288 development board.
  5. Power on the board, and the Ubuntu system in the TF card will boot in seconds.

SD Firmware Tool en1.jpg

SD Firmware Tool en2.jpg