FireDuino/Install IDE

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Operating environment

The following operating environment for this tutorial:

  • Operating system:Windows 7 ultimate 64bits
  • Arudino IDE: 1.6.6

Operating Steps

Install Arduino IDE

Fireduino SDK in the form of plug-in package published on the Arduino IDE,so we need to install Arduino IDE before using Fireduino.If the PC is not installed the Arduino IDE or IDE version less than 1.6.6,please go to Arduino Home to download and install.

The development board Fireduino Manager address is added to the IDE

  • Open installed Arduino IDE,select menu "File" -> "Preference":
Preference en.png

Open the development board manager, download or update the development kit of development board

Select menu "tools" - > "development board" - > "development board manager":
Boardmanage en.png

  • Select "Contributed"
  • Click Fireduino list items
  • Click "Install"

Select Fireduino development board

Select menu "tool" -> "development board" -> "Fireduino".