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Firefly team introduction

  • Firefly is open-source team which set up by Tchip technology in March 2014.Dedicated to the open-source hardware design,production and sales,as well as the promotion of open source culture and knowledge.It also provides hardware and software customization,production and technical support services.
  • Firefly open-source team consists of more than 40 professional members,we are good at Android,system-level development for Linux,multi-platform application development and cloud services support,as well as the hardware circuit design and industrial design.
  • "Light up your ideas" is Firefly concept,we hope Firefly technology enthusiasm and dedication to help achieve your ideas and dreams.
  • Firefly team in the field of consumer electronics for years,in recent years to promote open-source culture,whether you're an individual customer,equipment manufacturers,students,DIY enthusiasts,or programmer,you can use this powerful and easy-to-use open-source platform to make innovative design.Welcome to the Firefly community to discuss cutting-edge technology and exchange achievements.

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