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Power Adapter

Product Parameter

Product: USB Power Adapter
Specifications: US Standard
Input: AC 110V-240V, 50/60 HZ
Output: 5V-2.5A
Note:FirePrime normal work requires power 5V/2.5A, it probably abnormal restart if the current is less than 2.5A. In order to ensure the normal operation of the FirePrime, please use the voltage of 5V, current is 2.5A ~ 3A power, and we suggest to use the official power.


Power pic.jpg
US Standard

Power pic europe.png
EU Standard

10.1-Inches LVDS Display Module

Product Parameter

Brand: AUO
Model: B101EW05
Size: 10.1-inches
Resolution: 1280x800
Interface: LVDS
Viewing Angle: 170°
Touch Screen: Capacitive multi-touch
After updating the code, follow the instructions in the patch, and support the use of 10.1-inch screen.Patch (with captions)


Datasheet and schematic of LVDS Display Module


10.1 LDVS pic1.png

Connection Method


Remote Control 12-KEY

Product Parameter

Product: 12-KEY Remote Control
Version: FirePrime Customized
Power: 2xAAA Batteries
Adapter: FirePrime
Description: Support for remote boot capabilities FirePrime


IR 12 pic1.png

Key code

IR key code.png

USB to TTL serial module

Product Parameter

Brand: Firefly
Size: 29mm * 19mm

Reference material

Download driver:
Senial debug tutorial:


Usb ttl 1.png

Connection Method