FireBLE/key fob

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The function of the easy keyfob:

  • unconnect:start advertising and stop advertising .
  • connect:
  1. In the safe risk,it work quietly.
  2. outside the safe risk,it alerts and blanks.
  3. In the safe risk,Photo calls key fob,it alerts and blanks.
  • outside the safe risk,key fob calls photo and phone aleat.。
  • disconnect:it will auto connect when discover the key fob's adv.

The mainly profile in the key fob is proxr.key fob has following function

  • start advertising and stop advertising.
  • auto connect when disconnect with some error.
  • alert.
  • the reverse alert.

proxr profile

proxr is a standard profile in Quintic BLE's include following file : proxr.c,proxr.h,proxr_task.c,proxr_task.h,app_proxr.c,app_proxr.h,app_proxr_task.c,app_proxr_task.h.start proxr with define the mraco define of proxr.

Start/stop ADV