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parts list

FireBLE standard kit includes the following parts:

  • A FireBLE development board
  • A USB power cord

You can choose the accessories:


In the process of use,you may need the following parts:

  • MDK 4.60 above support,support JLink,Ulink etc SWD emulators

On-board resources

  • BLE core module FS-Q9021 module×1
  • Six MPU6050 axis acceleration sensor×1
  • Five to the buttons of Joysticks×1
  • Programmable LED×3
  • KLJ1230 buzzer×1
  • The onboard the USB serial port
  • Jlink 10PIN simulation interface,support SWD online simulation
  • Button battery interface
  • I2C the bidirectional level transformation

Boot experience

  • The machine in the factory has been burning training project easy lost prevention device firmware.
  • Boot:The development board can be choose by USB power supply and button batteries.If you choose the USB power supply,please directly the development board with USB cable connected to a computer;

FireBLE usb power.jpg

Button batteries,please make sure that USB cable connection and then BAT interface connected to the battery.
FireBLE bat power.jpg
Normal after power on the power lights light up when the five keys to dial up,you can see LED lights flashing,that has entered the fast boot state radio.

  • Shutdown:To ensure that the equipment is not connected,the five keys to dial up,you can turn off equipment and off the air. If in a connected state,click alarm behind to enter Settings button,and choose disconnect in the Settings screen,so you can disconnect the development board connected to the phone.
  • Connection:Low-power bluetooth has the very big difference with the traditional bluetooth,operating as a brand new,is a kind of brand-new technology,dual mode can coexist with traditional bluetooth device,it is not the bluetooth to connect through the system,it need to install a specific app BLE for connection and operation.The following points of Android users and IOS users to introduce the experience.

Android user experience

  • Support conditions:Equipment hardware support bluetooth 4.0,system for Android 4.3 and above.

  • AppInstaller :In website tools document,you can download and install the test application (simple_test.apk), ensure that mobile phone bluetooth open,and then open the application.
    • Scan:Click the scan button in the upper left corner of the interface,the application will be scanning equipment and all can be connected devices are shown in the list,the development board device is named after Firefly-BLE.
    • Connection:Click the equipment of the list,it can initiate connections to the equipment, and connection takes about 1~ 5 seconds. After the completion of the connection, not connected will be connected.
    • Alarm:Click on the connected equipment,it will send out alarm; And click again,then it will cancel the alarm.
    • Interrupt:Long press the connected devices,it can interrupt the connection between the phone and equipment.
    • Help:Click the help button at top right corner,you can get help.

BLE open app.png BLE scan.png BLE connect.png BLE help.png

IOS user experience

  • Support conditions:IPhone4S and over mobile phone,NEW IPad,IPad4,ipadmini,iTouch5

  • AppInstaller :In the app store to download and install iswhere application,to ensure that mobile phone bluetooth open,and then open the application.
    • Scan:Click the search button in the upper right corner of the interface,the application will be scanning equipment and to display all of the devices can be connected in the list of key fob,the development board device is named after Firefly-BLE.
    • Connection :Click the connect button of equipment in the list,it can initiate connections to equipment,and connection takes about 1 ~ 5 seconds.After the completion of the connection,the connect button will turn into the alarm button which has alarm,the device name at the bottom of the instructions will also become connected not connected state.
    • Alarm:Make sure you are the one model is not open,click the alarm button,equipment will send out alarm;click again to stop the alarm.
    • Settings:The enter button to enter setup interface at the back of the single alarm button.Under Settings interface,you can set the image identification,set against the lost range,set the alarm bells and disconnect.
    • Anti-lost :Make sure you are the one model is not open,you can set the range of Microcontroller in settings interface.Set against the spread of nearly lost,and make mobile phones and development board probably after away from to 8 ~ 10 m,then development board and the phone will alarm at the same time,it reminds users that has exceeded a safe distance.Walk back right now,it will cancel the alarm automatically when back to a safe distance.

BLE iswhere app.png BLE iopen app.png BLE iscan app.png BLE iconnect app.png BLE iconnected app.png BLE ialert1 app.png BLE isetting app.png BLE isetting2 app.png BLE ianti lost app.png