FireBLE/Serial debug

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USB to serial

Firefly provide PL230,It can be use for convert USB to serial,user just need to conncet FireBLE with data cable.

Hardware Connection

If use serial adapter ,we need connect it like this:(There are four wires with different colors)

  • Red: 3.3V Power, no need to connect.
  • Black: GND,Ground, connect to GND pin of the board.
  • White: TXD,Transmit,connect to TX pin of the board.
  • Green: RXD,Receive, connect to RX pin of the board.

Parameter Setting

FireBLE use the following serial parameters:

  • Baud rate:9600
  • width:8
  • stop bit:1
  • Parity check:None
  • low control: None

Serial debugging under Windows

Install Driver

Download driver and install:

If PL2303 does not works under Win8,please click hereDocument, please find drivers with version or before.

When it finish, you can find the new COM port in the Device Manager: Firefly BLE COM.png

Install software

We alway user sscom32 or SecureCRT under Windows.SecureCRT may sent data fail when the parameter error,so we advises developers use com32.Download sscom32,uncompress it and run sscom32.exe, set the com number,and set baud rate as 9600,click open button: