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The QPPS(Quintic Private Profile Server)is used to transfer the raw data between BLE devices.


QPPS Only contain a Server and it's UUID is FEE9,Show in Light Blue ADV data is 0000FEE9-0000-1000-8000-00805F9B34FB,Compared to previous UUID for length is too long.

UUID is a universally unique identifier that is guaranteed to be unique across all space and all time. UUIDs can be independently created in a distributed fashion. No central registry of assigned UUIDs is required. A UUID is a 128-bit value.

To reduce the burden of storing and tr ansferring 128-bit UUID values, a range of UUID values has been pre-allocated for assignment to often-used, regis-tered purposes. The first UUID in this pre-allocated range is known as the Bluetooth Base UUID and has the value 000000 00-0000-1000-8000-00805F9B34FB,from the Bluetooth Assigned Numbers document. UUID val-ues in the pre-allocated range have aliases that are represented as 16-bit or 32-bit values. These aliases are often called 16-bit and 32-bit UUIDs, but it is important to note that each actually represents a 128-bit UUID value.

The full 128-bit value of a 16-bit or 32-bit UUID may be computed by a simple arithmetic operation. 128_bit_value=16_bit_value*2^96+Bluetooth_Base_UUID 128_bit_value=32_bit_value*2^96+BIuetooth_Base_UUID A 16-bit UUID may be converted to 32-bit UUID format by zero-extending the 16-bit value to 32-bits. An equivalent method is to add the 16-bit UUID value to a zero-valued 32-bit UUID. Note that two 16-bit UUIDs may be compared directly, as may two 32-bit UUIDs or two 128-bit UUID s. If two UUIDs of differing sizes are to be compared, the shorter UUID must be converted to the longer UUID fo rmat before comparison.

Their eight characteristic in QPPS.uuid form D44BC439-ABFD-45A2-B575-925416129600 to D44BC439-ABFD-45A2-B575-925416129607,The First characteristic value property is writeable,others characteristic value property is notify.The first characteristic value is use to receice char to Client.example in dispreen of SSCOM,we had receiced seven chars to Client,and the First char is 'a'.
Qpps pc1.png Qpps iphone1.png

The other characteristic value is use for Send data to Client.Because of we configure the characteristic value as notifable,so if date has ready,we will send data to Client.In the QPPS,if we open all notify of the characteristic value,it will keep send data to Client.