FireBLE/GPIO Configure

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PIN Configure

  • QN9021 Bluetooth Low Energy Solutions based on Cortex-M0 MCU,So the GPIO operation before, need to be configured GPIO,Can be used normally。In QBlue provides a convenientpin configuration tools QnDriverTools 。

Open the tools,Choose the QN9021 Please select Device in the pop-up window 。
BLE driver config 1.png

Enter menu Peripheral-->PortI/O or Click on the red IO button in toolbar。
BLE driver config 2.png

Configuration needed GPIO,For example: In this case Uart0 and SPI、SW Three interfaces,Which the SW two IO need to pull-down。After the completion of the configuration,Click OK to complete the configuration in the lower-right corner of the window。
BLE driver config 3.png BLE driver config 4.png

Configuration is complete generates a C format configuration file ,According to demand access inside the contents of the can。
BLE driver config 5.png