Module type

Firefly Neural Network Computing Card is launched by Firefly, is a serial of NPU (Neural Processing Unit) module that work with Firefly’s development board. The module is equipped with the lightspeeur 2801S chip launched by GTI (full name is Gyrfalcon Technology Inc.). 2801S’s peak computing capacity is 2.8 Tops. It can complete 9.3 TOPS (tera operations per second) per watt consumed.

Firefly Neural Network Computing Card has three types: NCC S1 module, USB Dongle module and embedded module.

1. NCC S1 module

  • NCC S1 module’s interface is eMMC, which can be used along with ROC-RK3399-PC.
  • It is small that suitable for the use in the products.
  • NCC S1

2. USB Dongle module

  • USB Dongle module’s interface is USB, which can be employed universally in every Firefly’s development board.
  • Used for inferencing in model training.
  • USB Dongle

3. Embedded module

  • Connected via USB 3.0
  • Module built-in development board
  • Device node is same as USB Dongle

Support system

  1. Ubuntu 16.04
  2. Android (USB Dongle and AIO-3399C AI version)

Support development board

NCC S1 supports development board



USB Dongle supports development board

USB Dongle module supports all Firefly development boards, but need the driver module sg.ko (SCSI generic module), please confirm the kernel supported or compile the corresponding kernel driver.

3. Embedded module supports development board

AIO-3399C AI versionAIO-3399C AI version

Support neural network

Image classification

  • GNet1
  • GNet18
  • GNetfc

Object detection

  • Single Shot MultiBox Detector(SSD)

Development tools

  • SDK
  • PLAI
    • Model development and convert tool,base on PyTorch,support GNet1、GNet18 and GNetfc
  • MDK
    • Model development and convert tool,base on Caffe,support SSD、GNet1 and GNet18

Technical support

NCC S1 forum