Upgrade to SD card


This article mainly introduced how to upgrade the firmware on the host to the SD card, which needs to be selected according to the host operating system.

Preparatory work

  • Firefly-RK3399

  • firmware

  • computer host

  • Type-C data cable

  • SD card

SD Firmware Tool download pageto download SD_Firmware_Tool, And decompression.

Run SD_Firmware_Tool.exe


1.downloader the tool SD_Firmware 2. Insert SD card. 3. Select the device corresponding to the SD card from the combo box. 4. Check the SD startup option. 5. Click the select firmware button and select the firmware in the file dialog box. 6. Click the start creating button. 7. The warning dialog box will be displayed, and select yes to ensure that the correct SD card device is selected. 8. Wait for the completion of the operation until the prompt success dialog box appears:

  1. Unplug the SD card.