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Product overview

Six-Core 64-bit high performance core board

Adopts the high-performance AI processor RK3399Pro, integrated neural network processor NPU with computing power up to 3.0Tops, and compatible with a variety of AI frameworks. Core-3399Pro-JD4 core board can be combined with the backplane to form a complete industrial application board, which enable it to be applied flexibly on a variety of smart products. Widely used in AI applications such as cluster server, high-performance computing/storage, computer vision, edge computing, commercial display equipment, medical equipment, vending machines, industrial computers, etc.



Product Specification

_images/core-3399projd4_paramter1_en.jpg _images/core-3399projd4_paramter2_en.jpg _images/core-3399projd4_paramter3_en.jpg

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Core-3399PRO-JD4 core board can meet different needs of customers in a variety of scenarios, such as AI cluster servers, game equipment, advertising machines, vending machines, robots, etc. Has been widely used, quality and performance in the industry has a very good reputation, professional technical team for the majority of customers to solve hardware design and software functions. Various problems. For technical support and more detailed information, please contact Business.

Technical case

  • Android Multiplex Encoding and Decoding

  • Binocular Camera Data Acquisition

  • Android Double screen display

  • Baidu Face Recognition

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