User manual


The standard set of AIO-3399J includes the following accessories:

  • AIO-3399J board (1pcs)

  • Two copper antennas

  • 12V-2A power adapter

  • One male to male USB cable

The optional accessories are:

  • Firefly serial module

Additionally, the following accessories or devices are needed:

  • Display

    • Display or TV which supports HDMI interface, and HDMI cable

  • Network

    • 100M/1000M ethernet cable, and corresponding router

    • WiFi router

  • Input devices

    • USB wire/wireless mouse/keyboard

    • Infrared remote control

  • Flash image, debugging

    • male to male USB cable

    • USB to serial adapter

Shopping List


Firmware type

Firmware comes in two formats:

  • Original firmware(raw firmware)

  • RK firmware(Rockchip firmware)

Original firmware is a firmware that can be upgraded to a storage device in a bit-by-bit replication mode. It is the original image of the storage device. Raw firmware is generally upgraded to an SD card, but it can also be upgraded to an eMMC. There are many tools available to upgrade the original firmware:

RK firmware is a firmware packaged in Rockchip proprietary format and upgraded to eMMC flash memory using upgrade_tool(Linux) or AndroidTool(Windows) tools provided by Rockchip. RK firmware is Rockchip’s traditional firmware packaging format and is often used on Android devices. In addition, Android’s RK Firmware can be upgraded to an SD card using the SD Firmware Tool.

Partition image is the image data of a partition and is used to store the upgrade of the corresponding partition of the device. For example, the compilation of the Android SDK will construct boot.img, kernel.img and system.img etc. Partition image file ,the kernel.img will be written in eMMC or SD card “the kernel” partition.

Download and update firmware

The following is a list of supported systems:

  • Android 7.1

  • Android 8.1

  • Ubuntu 16.04

  • Ubuntu 18.04

  • Debian 9

Choose the right tool to upgrade the firmware according to the operating system used:

  • upgrade to SD

    • Graphical interface upgrade tool:

    • Command line upgrade tool:

      • dd (Linux)

  • upgrade to eMMC

Download firmware notes:

Android7.1 firmware can be divided into tvbox version and industry version (mainly for maintenance). Users can download the required firmware and burn it according to their needs. Both firmware versions are compatible with AIO-3399J board.
In the firmware name, the Industry version of the compiled firmware will be extra with the word ”Industry”, please pay attention when downloading.


After confirming all the connections are OK, plug the power adapter into the socket to power up the board. The board will boot automatically once power on. Select “Shutdown” in Android system, keeping the board power on. Then we can boot AIO-3399J by two ways:

  • Keep press power button more than 3 seconds

  • Press “power” button on the infrared remote control

During booting, the blue LED will light up, and you can see the Firefly logo if your board is connected to the HDMI display.