Abnormal boot and cycle restart

Probably caused by low current supply. Please change to 12V/2.5A~3A power supply.

ubuntu user name and password

User: root Password: firefly User: firefly Password: firefly

MAC address burn

Users may change the MAC address of the AIO-3288C. Please use the dynamic library tool RKTools/windows/UpgradeDllTool_v1.35.zip under the SDK to write the MAC address.

Turn on Bluetooth

Only for Linux system, different chip run different scripts(written by our company):

  • AP6236:

  • AP6212/AP6255/AP6335/AP6356/…


Open Root permissions

The Android system has a lot of powerful functions that require root permissions. Developers often encounter problems with permissions when using it. How to open the root function of the system on the Firefly platform? Firefly has added the function of starting root authority in the system. The specific steps are as follows:

  1. Find About device in Settgins apk and click in it

  2. Click Build number for 7 times and you are now a developer will be prompted.

  3. Then, after clicking Developer options option on the previous level, click Enable ROOT to open the ROOT permissions function _images/android_root.png